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To strengthen routine safety Mawson Tektronix Wuhu Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., to improve the overall quality of fire safety, prevention and self-help capabilities of various emergency rescue, October 17 afternoon, held a "in front of the office building in 2013 fire and emergency rescue safety exercises. "
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Wuhu Motiontec Automotive Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address        :No.12Fengminghu South Road

Wuhu Economic andTechnology

Development Zone,Wuhu,Anhui,China

Phone           : 0553-5962360
Postal Code: 241009

Fax                : 0553-5962378

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Wuhu Motiontec Automotive Technology Co.,Ltd.. (hereinafter referred to as Mosen Tektronix or company) is specialized in the design of automobile sunroof, glass lifter, electric sliding door, electric tailgate and other electronic components (ECU) , The production and sale of high-tech enterprises. The company was established in September 2004, covers an area of 34,000 square meters, more than 300 employees, the company set up under the Ordos branch and Liuzhou subsidiary, completed in December 2015 joint-stock reform, August 2016 success in t...
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April 25, 2015, in this beautiful spring day, the company organized in Shanghai Qibao Street to expand the training day, happy time is short, the implication is far-reaching significance. In this training as a platform to expand, so that each participant can feel the team's stre...
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